“It feels like homework…”

Lady Pedal Festival, Alexandra Park

This year I did an all day drop-in haiku workshop at the festival, and persuaded lots of first timers to have a go at counting syllables!





As a poetic form, I find haikus the least threatening for beginners. This is because they are short (only three lines) and tightly structured (there are supposed to be 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 again in the last) which works quite well as a distraction from worries about what to write. Once you’ve got a first line with 5 syllables, you just roll with it!

Another poet came up to me during they day and told me it was impossible to write a ‘pure’ haiku, because they only really work in Japanese. But I didn’t let this put me off!

I asked one girl if she wanted to write but her dad put her off by saying “it feels too much like homework”. Here are some of the haikus people came up with during the day, including one I wrote for that cheeky dad…

Lady Pedal Haikus

cycling and flying same thing
you can touch the sky or feel love
if you’re lucky magic happens


When can I cycle
again, after I have my


Bikes creative people love yeah!
that’s this moment under the marquee yeah!
join us!


creek crank sizzle eek
my bottom bracket wants love
but I don’t give it.


I love two men
one cycles but I
I try, I cry, I fail


My bicycle is
dusty and deprived.
Need to sort it out.


“It feels like homework”
a man says to his child. But
homework can be fun!


Freedom open sky fresh with a pear
Oh dear I went into a ditch


If you want to hear more about Lady Pedal and what they do, listen to my interview with the creator herself…

One thought on ““It feels like homework…”

  1. 日本語で

    In Japanese this
    doesn’t fit, but in English,
    see – it is just right!



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