My name is Annie Muir and I write poetry!

I am 26 and have lived in London, Berlin and Manchester. I won the PBS National Student Poetry Competition in 2013 (read my winning and runner up poems here), and have been published in Sand MagazineThe Moth (‘Ruth’ below), and the anthology Love Like Salt (Like This Press, 2018). My pylon poem was featured on Pylon of the Month, and I’ve had collages published in the Maelstrom feminist issue (below).




We stood on a bridge
and a train went under
our legs. We waved
and the driver
beeped. We endured
rivers and barbed-wire
because Ruth said
ten people a year are killed
by charging cows. We saw
Mam Tor bus stop.

The top was windy. We got a photo.

I chased Ruth down
pretending to be
a cow. We hitched back
with two old men listening
to classical music who said
our little legs must be


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